Michigan Mountain Biking Association

Winter is here!

Looking for some great groomed trail to ride?

Volunteers from our chapters and clubs around the state are hard at work to make sure you have a great snow riding experience. 

*Most trails that are offering winter riding have dedicated Facebook pages. Please be sure you check conditions before heading out.

*Recommended tire width is a minimum of 3.8"

*Refrain from riding groomed trails when the temperature rises above 30 degrees in order to prevent rutting the trail

*Air pressure guidelines for riding on groomed surfaces:

Soft groomed surface and base , with usually dry snow with no moisture:  1-4 psi range

Hard surface and base that is hard packed with temps consistently below freezing and you are not breaking the surface of the trail:  

6-8 psi range

Check out our Winter Groomed Trail Directory.
Support Michigan mountain bike trails.

Support Michigan mountain bike trails.


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