Michigan Mountain Biking Association

Affiliate Chapters: Michigan's Edge Mountain Bike Association

Located near Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan’s Edge Mountain Bike Association offers a unique blend of trail systems on the lakeshore. Like their neighbor, West Michigan Mountain Bike Association, MEMBA also works with a diverse assortment of land managers, too. With both private and public owners, seasonal trails, and the challenges that face all trail groups, MEMBA shows the value of strong, committed relationships to ensure access and growth. We checked in to see how 2020 went and what the organization is looking ahead to in 2021. 

Affiliate Chapters: Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Located in the very heart of the state, Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association has worked hard to expand and improve the quality of trails in their region, but also to build a bigger, more cohesive community. Like every trail association, 2020 offered a number of challenges in safely bringing those people together for group rides and volunteer events. That's one of the big focuses of the new year, especially with some ambitious plans on the docket! 

Affiliate Chapters: Copper Harbor Trails Club

Copper Harbor has quickly built a reputation as a world-class destination for mountain biking. Offering a challenging array of trails and the unique charms of a small town, Copper Harbor Trails Club has a big challenge; how can a small community support trails for visitors year-round to the level they expect? 

Affiliate Chapters: Thunder Bay Trail Association

More than ever, trails matter. This year is going to be so important for trail associations across the state. With more traffic than ever before, funding shortfalls, and some ambitious trail projects on the books, trail users need to understand what trail associations do to create, maintain, and protect these natural spaces. 

2021 Goals: Region-By-Region Series Coming Soon

It’s a new year for all of us, but for Michigan trail associations, many of the challenges that arose in 2020 are still very much a part of the reality in 2021.