Michigan Mountain Biking Association

2020: MMBA's Big, Ambitious year


2020 is going to be a big year for MMBA. As we move forward from a year that saw some big changes and restructuring, we are as committed as ever to being your voice at the state level. Working to promote the interests of mountain bikers and all trail users, we invite you to join us in making Michigan the mountain bike mecca our state deserves to be. 

We work with a half dozen trails from around the state of Michigan, ranging from the very northern tip of the Upper Peninsula to the trails in the very south of the mitten. Across the region, we see plenty of unique challenges facing individual trail associations. We always try to offer support in those situations and often keep abreast of those situations so that we might serve as a resource for others. By communicating and connecting various chapters, we can ensure that no trail association has to reinvent the wheel when faced with a hurdle we’ve cleared elsewhere. 

As unique and local as some of these issues are, trails also face more universal and sweeping issues. These are the types of initiatives we take a lot of pride in tackling. From ORV trail access to opening existing trails to mountain bikers to developing new trail opportunities with city, county, and state landowners, we work to represent the best interests mountain bikers and the trails themselves. 

Additionally, we understand that events help to draw attention, enthusiasm, and support to trails like few other activities. We’re proud to offer the Championship Points Series, a season-long roster of races that highlight great Michigan trails and the communities that support them. The long and storied history of the CPS has helped to bring in an untold number of riders over the years. For many mountain bikers, starting our first race was a massive goal after entering the sport, and the initiation into a strong, tight-knit of passionate athletes and some of our biggest trail supporters. 

This year, we hope you’ll join us in telling the story of a mountain biker. We’ll look at the efforts of our various chapters, celebrate trails you love and trails you’ve never heard of, and keep you up to date on the full CPS standings all spring, summer, and fall. 

Be a part of MMBA and help us start what will be a very important 2020 with an end of year donation. Together, we’ll make sure the story is just beginning for Michigan trails!




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