Michigan Mountain Biking Association

Tackling Freeze Thaw Issues With Communication

Spring isn’t far off, and many trail systems in Michigan are already facing the challenges of the freeze and thaw cycle. Damage from riding or running on muddy trails can have a lasting impact on the trail experience and require a whole load of extra maintenance to repair. We take a brief look at what the cycle is and the best way trail associations can communicate trails conditions to prevent issues. 

New Year's Resolution: Make It To A Meeting

Admit it; whether you wrote them down or now, we’ve all made a few New Year’s Resolutions. From fitness to family time, recycling more to calling mom, resolutions are a great way to put the things that matter to us back at the top of the list. Resolutions are really priorities, and the new year is as good excuse as any to get them back in order. 

2020: MMBA's Big, Ambitious year

2020 is going to be a big year for MMBA. As we move forward from a year that saw some big changes and restructuring, we are as committed as ever to being your voice at the state level. Working to promote the interests of mountain bikers and all trail users, we invite you to join us in making Michigan the mountain bike mecca our state deserves to be.