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Copper Harbor has quickly built a reputation as a world-class destination for mountain biking. Offering a challenging array of trails and the unique charms of a small town, Copper Harbor Trails Club has a big challenge; how can a small community support trails for visitors year-round to the level they expect? 

That comes down to fundraising, communication, and a strong team of volunteers. Learn more about what’s going down up north! 

Organization: Copper Harbor Trails Club
Marquee Trails: Red Trail, Overflow, Keweenaw Point Trail
Number of Members: 100+

What was the biggest challenge in 2020?

Diversity slip-ups, canceling Trails Fest, too many riders for the community, County trying to sell off public land with 12+ miles of trails... COVIDWhat are your biggest goals for 2021?

What are your biggest goals for 2021?

Hosting Trails Fest again, obtaining easements for much of our system, agreements with other landowners, closing some grants

What is your biggest trail project for this year?

Keweenaw Point Trail Phase III red tap

What is your biggest need in 2021? (Funding, volunteers, permission/work with landowner, etc.)


What information could we add to the MMBA site that would help support your local efforts?

Examples of municipalities that work alongside trail organizations to advance the outdoor recreation economy.

How has MMBA helped your chapter in the past?

Advocacy work!

Anything else you'd like the world to know?

Get your COVID vaccine




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