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Located in the very heart of the state, Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association has worked hard to expand and improve the quality of trails in their region, but also to build a bigger, more cohesive community. Like every trail association, 2020 offered a number of challenges in safely bringing those people together for group rides and volunteer events. That's one of the big focuses of the new year, especially with some ambitious plans on the docket! 

Organization:  Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Associaiton
Marquee Trails: Burchfield, Anderson, Sleepy Hollow
Number of Members: 150

What was the biggest challenge in 2020?

Lack of ability to hold group activities to support our members.

What are your biggest goals for 2021?

Improve the overall rider experience. Promote trail usage. Encourage member involvement throughout the MTB community.

What is your biggest trail project for this year?

Dirt School - basic skills park to be constructed at Burchfield

What is your biggest need in 2021? (Funding, volunteers, permission/work with landowner, etc.)


What information could we add to the MMBA site that would help support your local efforts?

Information on other chapters. 

How has MMBA helped your chapter in the past?

State-level advocacy. 

Anything else you'd like the world to know?

Go ride!




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