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Affiliate Chapters: Munising Bay Trail Network


We’re rolling on with a look at some of the unique challenges and ambitious projects of our affiliate chapters in 2021. Like so many organizations, last year added plenty of additional hurdles for trail associations, and that was certainly true for the folks at Munising Bay Trail Network. Rhonda let us know what made things a little tougher in 2020, and what’s on the horizon for MBTN as we inch closer to spring. 

Organization:  Munising Bay Trail Network

Marquee Trails:  Munising Mountain Bike Park/Non-motorized trails, Valley Spur singletrack, Bruno's run

Number of Members: Roughly 150

What was the biggest challenge in 2020?

1) Finding a trail builder that is willing to work with volunteers performing the finishing work (to reduce costs)

2) Switching in-person events to virtual events to continue to raise funds during the pandemic

3) Gaining access to privately owned land needed to connect trails (specifically Valley Spur to Munising Bike Park)

What are your biggest goals for 2021?

1) To grow our mountain bike event Mountain Goat Mash (September 11, 2021)

2) Construct a 1 mile downhill flow trail to expand the trails in Munising

3) Begin construction of an additional 10-mile loop at VS (goal of finishing 5 miles by the end of the trail building season)

What is your biggest trail project for this year?

Build 5 miles (of an ~10-mile loop when complete) at Valley Spur Recreation Area

What is your biggest need in 2021? (Funding, volunteers, permission/work with landowner, etc.)

Funding to support a land acquisition grant - to be submitted in April 2022

What information could we add to the MMBA site that would help support your local efforts?

1) List of trail builders (machine operators) and Contractors

2) A mountain bike trail directory for folks traveling to other places to know where the best trails are across Michigan (including upper Michigan)

How has MMBA helped your chapter in the past?

By sharing ideas and great discussions via virtual meetings over the past year


Anything else you'd like the world to know?

We welcome all.....and hope to see lots of new riders in Munising to enjoy the trails we are working hard to build. :)




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