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Our look at Michigan's mountain bike associations across the state brings us to the southwest corner of the state! SWMMA offers some great trails that serve a wide region, with Fort Custer remaining one of the top destinations in the Midwest. In 2020, they faced many of the same challenges all of us faced, perhaps maybe even tougher by the dispersed population centers that made communicating and connected tough when relegated exclusively online. In 2021, SWMMBA is looking to add more trail, but also reinvest in their members and community to bring people together in the woods. 

Organization:  Southwest Michigan Mountain Bike Assoc
Marquee Trails:  Fort Custer, Maple Hill Trail, Warnaar Trail
Number of Members: Roughly 70

What was the biggest challenge in 2020?

Staying engaged with membership.

What are your biggest goals for 2021?

Re-focus on social aspect of the chapter, membership.

What is your biggest trail project for this year?

Skills park / kids area at Warnaar Trail in Three Rivers.

What is your biggest need in 2021? (Funding, volunteers, permission/work with landowner, etc.)


What information could we add to the MMBA site that would help support your local efforts?

Link homepage chapter logo and forum index to our webpage.

How has MMBA helped your chapter in the past?

Years ago, MMBA supported our efforts to gain segregated trails from equestrians at Fort Custer .

Anything else you'd like the world to know?




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