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Thank You, Iceman Racers!

2020 has been challenging for everyone. From the tragic loss of life, months of isolation and uncertainty, and the economic hardship facing millions of Americans, we experienced a lot of sleepless nights. Perhaps that’s why missing out on our favorite group rides and cycling events have been so tough; when we need a sense of community and normality, so many of us look first to the trails. 

Resiliency For Trail Associations With Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge

It has been a challenging year in so many ways. Across the country, we’ve been facing hard times on a scale not seen in generations, and those hardships have put a new focus on priorities in life. While we can’t say that trails are life and death, they’re essential. And we’re proud to be able to keep them growing strong. 

Support Your Local Trail Association

For months, mountain bikers have opened their emails ready to be disappointed. With races and fundraising events being canceled every week, now is the time to join your local trail association. 

MMBA's Commitment To Equality and Inclusivity

At MMBA, we’ve taken some time to find the right way to present what we’ve known for a long time. The protests of the past months have served as a reminder that issues of race and equality in the country need to be addressed; by everyone. 

National Trails Day - June 6

Michigan is home to some truly incredible outdoor experiences. Across the state, communities have access to world-class recreational opportunities that bring us all back to nature. National Trails Day is celebrating those outdoor experiences on June 6!