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Michigan Mountain Biking Association values the health and safety of all trail users. As a part of this belief, we would like to relay a number of recommendations and best practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are facing difficult times; as mountain bikers, we want to be a part of the solution and serve as an example to each and every community on how to introduce social distancing into every aspect of our daily lives, and that includes our time in the woods. 

  • Use the trail individually or with people that share the same household during the state of Michigan Stay-At-Home executive order period. No group rides! 
  • Be very aware of other trail users and pass safely with at least a 6’ gap. Stay 10-12' apart whenever possible. Stay alert. Slow down. Communicate. Yield to offer space to pass. 
  • Dogs ALWAYS must be leashed per Michigan Compiled Law 287.262. Unleashed dogs can lead to unnecessary contact with trail users. 
  • Limit all volunteer trail work to individual work or small groups from the same household. 
  • Park away from other cars in the parking lot. If the lot is full, there are likely too many people on the trail for safe usage. Leave and choose a different location if possible. 
  • Ride cautiously. Now is not the time for sweet jumps and massive air. This is to help minimize the strain on healthcare facilities and to reduce additional exposure. 
  • Respect and anticipate closures of bathrooms or other facilities. Bathrooms and vault toilets will be closed! 
  • Don’t touch trail maps, markers, or other infrastructure. 
  • Long-distance travel is prohibited unless deemed essential.
  • Depending on a number of circumstances, the best choice during this difficult time is to forego trail usage entirely in order to protect yourself and our communities. You can be potentially exposed by engaging in trail usage where there is a risk of contact with others. 
  • Check with state and local governments, and local land managers with respect to stay-at-home orders and facility closures. Follow all local recommendations!
  • Per the March 27th Michigan DNR news release, anyone not following the social distancing mandate may be subject to misdemeanor violation/arrest penalties, including up to 90 days in jail and/or a fine up to $500. 

On behalf of the MMBA board and your local trail associations, thank you for being a part of a state-wide effort to set an example. Consider sending this information to your local cycling team or club, as well as other avid trail users. Information is powerful, communication is key; we'll get through this. 




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