Michigan Mountain Biking Association

MMBA's Commitment To Equality and Inclusivity


At MMBA, we’ve taken some time to find the right way to present what we’ve known for a long time. The protests of the past months have served as a reminder that issues of race and equality in the country need to be addressed; by everyone. 

We're a non-profit trail association with affiliate trail chapters in every corner of Michigan. The MMBA serves to unite and represent trail advocates at the state level, and when we do so, it is our responsibility to voice the concerns of all trail users. We admit that we have not done enough to advocate for inclusiveness and diversity. It is our promise that across the outdoor community and specifically in cycling, we will do better to offer an inclusive, supportive place for minorities.

Together, we’ve developed a commitment to putting diversity at the top of our agenda to ensure that everyone feels invited and encouraged to be a part of our great sport. The MMBA is just one organization, among many, making change not just an idea, but as a tangible part of our identity for the betterment of us all. 

"As the Board of the Michigan Mountain Biking Association, we unequivocally condemn racism and express our support for People of Color in the ongoing quest for justice and safety. We also acknowledge that there are systemic racial barriers that we must address as an organization and as a society in order to truly offer and ensure access to trails for all. Today, we therefore fully commit ourselves and our organization to listening to and elevating People of Color in our sport, in our organization, and in our communities. Through continuous improvement and consistent application of our promise, we will strive to create a positive, inclusive space at the trails where everyone feels welcomed and respected".  

On behalf of the board, please let us know how we can better serve communities of color and anyone who feels underrepresented in the mountain biking community. If you’d like to get involved with this initiative or other MMBA endeavors, please contact us.




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