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National Trails Day - June 6


Michigan is home to some truly incredible outdoor experiences. Across the state, communities have access to world-class recreational opportunities that bring us all back to nature. National Trails Day is celebrating those outdoor experiences on June 6! 

The American Hiker’s Society has promoted Natation Trail Day for years as a way to encourage trail users to show their love of the woods on foot and by bike. Many land managers have used the day to lead group hikes, group trail runs, and group mountain bike rides. It’s also encouraged participation from city, county, state, and even federal elected officials as a way to include them in the celebration and show the value of natural recreational experiences. 

This year, the COVID-19 situation has prevented many organizations from hosting their normal National Trails Day get-togethers. That doesn’t mean outside is canceled, however! It’s as important as ever that we show our appreciation for great trails by taking the day to a digital platform. We’re asking Michigan trail users to share their stories and their experiences on June 6.

First, show the world where you love to ride or hike. Use #NationalTrailsDay on social media to post photos of your trails and to give recognition to the local trails associations that work so hard to build and maintain those places. If you aren’t a member of your local trail association, this is a great opportunity to join up, get involved, and learn more about the history and current state of your local trails. Everyone should understand the unique relationship between property owners and land stewards, and how they can help protect these natural spaces for generations to come. 

Second, it’s also a great time to help share your love of the woods with others. This National Trails Day, invite one friend to join you for a ride, hike or run. Be sure to check the local COVID-19 recommendations in your area, but Michigan currently has guidelines that allow for groups of ten people or less. If you’re outside and more than six feet apart, you’re good to go! Consider wearing a mask while stopped and maintain proper social distancing as much as possible. If you can take these precautions, you’ll still be able to introduce someone new to the fun and adventure of a day spent in the wild. 

Finally, do something tangible for your trails while you’re out there. Make a point of picking up trash, cleaning up the parking lot, and even simply removing sticks and branches from the trail where they are in the way. As dedicated trail users, we all need to take ownership and responsibility for these treasured places in order to offer everyone a wonderful experience. 

On June 6, enjoy National Trails Day safely and responsibly, and help Michigan stay a true mecca for folks who love the outdoors. To learn more, head here. Make sure you use #MMBA and #MichiganTrails to show us where you end up!




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