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Over $10,000 Iceman Cometh Challenge Donations!


A few weeks back, we got a short note from the folks at the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge. They just wanted to give us a heads up that they’d be offering their racers a chance to donate to MMBA during checkout for their registration. Cool, we thought. That’s nice. 

You all simply blew us away. For past participants, registration opened on Friday, March 6. Plenty of us signed up and went on with our weekend. Without even realizing it, Iceman Cometh Challenge racers from around the country raised over $6,000 on Friday alone! Today, we clicked through to see where the fundraiser is at and was shocked to see that, thanks to the generous donations of racers, Iceman has already hit its goal of $10,000! That's really impressive considering just under half of the race's total participants have signed up. 

From everyone at MMBA and on behalf of mountain bikers from across the state, thank you for giving to a cause that, at times, may feel a step removed from your backyard. We work at the state level to represent mountain biking trails across Michigan and to promote their protection, their growth, and the future of our natural spaces. 

We have chapters in the UP, in the heart of the state, and across the southern end of the state. Each trail network faces unique challenges and different issues. However, there are plenty of universal influences that need support in Lansing. Our board works to make sure that trail associations aren’t fighting the same fight on a dozen fronts. Instead, we work to provide an informed, constructive front to represent mountain bikers and our sport as a united, close-knit community. 

We’d like to thank you all again for your support and would like to challenge you to get a new pal to take on a race or ride this year. Events like the Iceman Cometh Challenge are the perfect way to show a friend what mountain biking is all about!

Want to race? You can still register, and donate, here




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