Michigan Mountain Biking Association

Michigan Mountain Bike Patrol

IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol

We’ve partnered with IMBA to develop a National Mountain Bike Patrol Program in Michigan. Modeled after the National Ski Patrol, our volunteer patrollers are trained in first aid, CPR, and bike repair.

The Michigan Mountain Bike Patrol is a volunteer organization that works to encourage safe and responsible riding. Patrollers provide assistance to hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers. They provide information and directions, help with minor repairs, and give medical help when needed. Patrollers are certified in first aid and CPR.

Patrollers follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the International Mountain Biking Association. They ride their own bikes, but are required to wear a patrol jersey and carry necessary items such as a first aid kit, maps, spare tire tubes, an air pump, bike parts,?water, and energy bars.

Mountain bike patrollers work in cooperation with land managers to meet the specific needs of their local cycling community. Patrollers provide an additional service to land managers by notifying them of trail damage or other important issues.