Michigan Mountain Biking Association

The Michigan Mountain Biking Association is interested in connecting with businesses and organizations who are interested in investing in the Michigan’s trail infrastructure while gaining direct benefits through our new stewardship council, MTB Corp.

MTB CORP operates under the premise that mountain biking trail systems are great for businesses of all types. Trail systems have shown to augment entrepreneurial opportunities, infuse local economies, embolden local tax bases and support numerous existing jobs and serve as a means for talent attraction and retention. It also acknowledges that the mountain biking trail-based nonprofits in Michigan fund, build and maintain a significant portion of Michigan mountain biking (MTB) trails.


  • Coalesce advocacy power through synchronizing commercial and nonprofit expertise to lift up the value of volunteerism as critical and respected assets in Michigan
  • Ignite a co-investment culture that measurably links MTB CORP participation to consumer choice 
  • Provide an opportunity for MTB CORP partners to participate in key strategic planning and decision making operations
  • Provide participating businesses the opportunity to cross-market through supporting trails and the people that build them


MTB CORP will be be made up of talented business professionals that understand the role that volunteerism plays in Michigan's business community and trail economy. To honor that effort, MTB CORP partners graciously extend their expertise and time to MTB trail-based nonprofits to embolden operations and invest in trail projects.

  • Participate in quarterly meetings that are organized, focused and productive
  • Commit to strengthening the alliance through business contacts
  • Work in concert to promote the alliance among health oriented consumers and organizational members
  • Plays meaningful role in an intra-MTB CORP partner benefits platform
  • Be excited to invest in the trails community through financial investment of no less than $1000 annually or through in-kind investment
  • Play an active role in incubating new outdoor minded businesses seeking traction in Michigan


MTB CORP  is intended to serve as an outdoor recreation coinvestment strategy that unites advocacy and trail work with the active involvement of the business community that generates economic gains as a result of the outdoor community in Michigan.

  • Access to the significant resource of the collective expertise in the room, which becomes an effective sounding board for everyone
  • Gain insight into how to leverage the Michigan outdoors as part of talent recruitment strategies
  • Develop strategies to inspire outdoor recreation participation to improve employee health and wellness through engagement in beginner recreation programs
  • Access to key decisions facing nonprofits - you help guide the direction of outdoor recreation in Michigan
  • Have your business perspectives shared in state level discussions
  • MTB CORP partner trail day mixers and BBQs
  • MTB CORP exclusive guided trail experiences led by trail nonprofits' chapters
  • Prominent listing with click through on MTB CORP page 
  • Booth space at MMBA events and conferences
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